• 2023

        Serving Data Securely from S3 bucket using cloud front

      When it comes to serving data from S3 buckets using CloudFront, there are numerous tutorials available. However, security is a crucial aspect that needs to be taken care of. There…

        March 21, 2023

        Takeaway from : The Phoneix project

      The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business WinGene Kim , Kevin Behr , George Spafford Book Link : Takeaway Learning Success is not delivering…

        February 6, 2023

        Takeaway from : The Lean startup

      Book Link : Takeaway Learning Build-Measure-Learn. The fundamental activity of a startup is to turn ideas into products, measure how customers respond, and then learn whether to pivot or…

        January 24, 2023

  • 2022

        Moodle with AWS opensearch

      following is a step-by-step guide to setup moodle global search with AWS OpenSearch service. This provides enhanced searching in rich content. Moodle A powerful open-source LMS.  AWS opensearch This is…

        December 1, 2022

        AWS Devops Cheat Sheet

      There is a plethora of services provided by AWS, however, the following is oriented in the aspect of AWS DEVOPS professional certification and AWS professional solution architect certification. GeneralDeveloper ToolsComputeDatabaseStorageManagement…

        October 10, 2022

        Git Utilities and hacks

      Although GIT is an old topic, still i am adding a collection of basic and useful git utilities and hacks that is helpful in day-to-day git cli interaction. Reference to…

        September 19, 2022

        Setup Solr with Moodle for search inside files content

      Following is the step by step guide to setup Solr with Moodle for search inside files content. This will need setting up of SOLR, setting up php-solr extension and solr…

        June 29, 2022

        Monitoring Apache Logs using Zabbix

      Apart from monitoring server hardware and software key variable like CPU/Memory/Disk/Process, We also require monitoring of apache logs using Zabbix to monitor all from a single monitoring platform Monitoring Apache…

        February 22, 2022

        Monitoring LAMP Application using Zabbix

      A complete guide for monitoring LAMP [Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP] application through Zabbix and setting up email notifications. In the following section, I am going to use the following stack, 1- for Zabbix…

        February 10, 2022

        Pagespeed module for webservers for performance improvement by Google

      Pagespeed module for webservers for performance improvement are available for various platform, which provides a caching layer at webserver level to improve the overall delivery of the request. About Pagespeed…

        January 30, 2022

        Running Shell script using SSM and API Gateway AWS

      aws_run_command Table Of ContentsObjective :AWS ServicesList of required servicesRUN Command Lambda IAM Role required to run Lambda and SNSAPI GATEWAY Objective : We are required to run a shell script…

        January 1, 2022

  • 2021

        Monitoring MySql and Optimization

      Next part in monitoring and optimization of LAMP stack is, Monitoring MySql and optimization. Monitoring MySql[Graphical][Command line]Tuning / Optimization MySql as serverAll about Slow Query and Slow Query Logs.How to…

        November 10, 2021

        Monitoring PHP and Performance Tuning

      Monitoring PHP running as FPMHow to get the status ?How to enable slow logs ?OptimizationOptimizing php-fpm configurationCaching Compiled Byte Code The next part of the series is, Monitoring PHP and…

        November 10, 2021

        Monitoring Apache Webserver and optimization

      Although Most web servers share common challenges, we are considering that apache is utilized for the webserver. Monitoring ApacheServer StatusServer Info Server LogsOptimizationMemory utilizationConnection ConfigurationDirectives and their meaning Time Out…

        October 16, 2021

        Complete Guide to Debug LOAD Issue in LAMP Stack [Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP]

      Debug LOAD Issue in LAMP StackProblem Statement LAMP Stack ComponentHardwareSoftwareRoot Cause Analysis [RCA]Flow Of AnalysisMonitor Hardware ComponentServer resources are NOT enough Server resources are enough Monitor Software Component Problem Statement…

        October 16, 2021

        Bitbucket API Integration during Pull Request Build to validate the changelogs and coding standard

      This implements the Bitbucket API integration in pr (Pull Request) to validate changed files. It only fetches the change file and validates it against a list of the file maintained…

        September 23, 2021

        AWS Architecture Diagrams

      Moodle horizontal scalable architecture

        September 15, 2021

        AWS cheatsheet

      GeneralFile Storage vs Object Storage vs Block StorageAWS Cloudformation vs OpsWorks vs Beanstalk99% vs 99.9% vs 99.99%Disaster Recovery vs High AvailabilityCommon Source of Interruption General An immutable environment is a…

        September 15, 2021

        AWS Services for web hosting

      As AWS provides multiple services, those can be utilized to host the websites or web-app. following are the best-fit use-case with respect to services. Website Hosting at AWSUsing LightsailUsing AmplifyUsing…

        August 31, 2021

        AI/ML in Next Generation E-learning Solutions

      As the Next Gen E-learning solutions will cover some or all objectives to bring effective utilization of e-learning solutions using AI/ML, some of them are already present in some solutions.…

        June 18, 2021