What are the problems with existing RDBMS

The main problems with existing RDMS are-

  • Have fix schema : RDBMSs are more suitable for structured data, such as weblog, sensor and financial data.
  • You loose lots of important info which doesn’t fits in schema : Schema is fixed, we have a policy of “Define Schema first, then Data”
  • Expansion of schema is not easy
  • Growing amount of unstructured data which doesn’t fit there
  • Let’s rid away from fix schema – Flexible storage format – Raw form

Most current generation RDBMSs Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) were originally written for
shared memory multi-processors in the 1970,
those include a suite of features —

  • disk-resident B-trees and heap files,
  • locking-based concurrency control : Suitable where we transactions are going on
  • support for multi-threading

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