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Moodle Plugin : Local/Enrolstats

An Enrolment Stats list, that can be viewed by site admin or the the user who has capability at the category level with a category drop down filter.

For the site admin : report will be in 

Site Administration >>  reports  >> Enrolment Dashboard

and one  link will display under

 Category Administration for the user who has capability for that category.


  • Report for Site Level and Category level
  • Access Control through capability at Category Context
  • Logs the report viewed event in Site logs
  • Download stats in multiple format (Csv, HTML, PDF etc) [get from github]

Listed at Moodle Plugin repository.


Moodle Plugin : Local/Systemstats

This is a moodle local plugin . It will work for moodle version > 3.5, however, you can try with modole above than 2.7

Problem Statement In moodle most of the reports are available either at system level or course level . This plugin provides Disk utilization stats by the categories , course and activites levels.


  • This plugin comes with a capability that can be assigned at category level.
  • person who has the capability at respective category, can view the stats for all the courses under that category and sub category on a single page.
  • Admin can view for all reports
  • All report links are mentioned under Site Administration for admin

get from github