Preparation Guide for AWS Architect-Associate Certificate :


When you think to get a certificate, especially when it is your first certificate ,

There are a lot of questions in the mind,

  • Is it worthy to do so
  • Is it the right certificate for me
  • What does the cost
  • When and where will be the exam
  • What would be the question paper
  • How much i should achieved to clear
  • Is there any ranking
  • For how long it is valid
  • Any prerequisite for this exam
  • And finally , how to prepare for this exam
  • Can i get the dump for that, sample questions, exam patterns and the valuable resources
  • As the web is full of text, is there any one who can mentor me and provide the extract information rather than raw and junk of bulk information.

Although the internet has every piece of information(paid or free), it has the information in bulk. If you have got all other questions answer except how to prepare, then you ask such question from google, (If not, inbox me , maybe I can help you out) it is like, You are asking a million of websites with billions of information to help you.Although they can help you but everyone has their own path, and you need to decide the best way to do so.

How do you do that,

Either you trust the most used result on the basis of feedback and ranking, and with your research  or you follow the exam provider guide.

* This is all about the AWS certified solution architect – Associate level as per the latest standard 2019

So, Let me Tell you,

AWS ( itself provide online courses with basic information, good documentation for each services, FAQ guides, whitepapers, use-cases, study material and provides the paid training as well,

Other Options are, 

  • If you have a lot of money to study for the certificate, I will suggest to you get the mentor Either from AWS it self or from other institute that you need to research.

You can directly write to me to know more….

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