OCI Monitoring: cheatsheet

Monitoring & Logging

  • Metric namespace, collection of metric
  • Service resource metric available under service
  • Regional service
  • Metric = Namespace + Dimension + Metadata
  • Alarm states: firing, reset, suspended
  • Alarm query must-have metric, statistics, interval, and trigger rule
  • Service Connector hub allows logging data to  other services like archiving log data to Object Storage : 
    • Source: logging/streaming
    • Destination: functions, analytics, monitoring, notification

Logging Best Practice

  • Store data in the active storage for analysis and display.
  • Purge Logs to optimize active storage (on-demand or create a purge policy).
  • Archive Logs to optimize active storage
  • To enable archiving, specify data size of active storage as 1 TB (minimum).
  • Minimum active storage duration for logs to be archived: 30 days.
  • Archive data permanently remains in the archive storage (if enabled).
  • Archived data is removed after 60 days for terminated accounts.
  • Recall archived logs: Required to recall and analyze archived data.

Logging Analytic



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