Moodle php code : To get course custom field name and value

custom field can be added from site admin, following code can help to get custom field value as per course object or course id.

// $course from course record from database table

if ($course instanceof stdClass) {
            $course = new core_course_list_element($course);


$handler = \core_customfield\handler::get_handler('core_course', 'course');
       $customdata = (array)$handler->export_instance_data_object($course->id);
       $final= [];
       foreach($course->get_custom_fields() as $field){

           if($handler->can_view($field->get_field(), $course->id)){
               if(array_key_exists($field->get_field()->get('shortname'), $customdata)){
                   $final[$field->get_field()->get('shortname')] = array(
                       'name' =>$field->get_field()->get('name'),
                       'shortname' =>$field->get_field()->get('shortname'),
                       'description' =>$field->get_field()->get('description'),
                       'type' =>$field->get_field()->get('type'),
                       'data' =>$customdata[$field->get_field()->get('shortname')]


// return output like
// array (array("name"=>"field visible name","shortname"=>"field shortname", "description"=>"field description","type"=>"field type | text| checkbox","data"=>"field data"))

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