Docker Points

  • Network mode: default bridge mode [not shared with host] , Other: host [network same as host]
  • from container to local host, URL to access the host  :
  • Docker volumes :
    • Annonymous : removed on docker remove
    • Docker volume: does not remove but is used by docker internally
    • Bind mount: local host path
  • Each command in the docker file is the layer, and layers are cached  during the build
  • The container has name and Image have tags.
  • .dockerignore to ignore the current folder file for part of image
  • Env variable for container and ARG variable for image build
  • Attached mode and detacher mode, -it for the interactive terminal
  • Docker compose : depends_upon and stdin_open
  • .env_file: to skip the env from git commit
  • To accept the input from console. docker run should be executed with -it 
  • Docker exec command to run the command inside the container from host 
    • Docker exec <containername >
  • Docker compose, we can run the individual container with run command as well
    • Docker-compose run <service name>
  • Multi-stage build, where one is used for build and the artifact for that is used in another but the number of images is 1.

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