BlackBoard Ultra Course Migration To Moodle

Making the switch from Blackboard to Moodle doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you have existing course content in the form of Blackboard Course Packages , this blog post will guide you through the process of converting them into a format compatible with Moodle. Let’s explore the steps to ensure a smooth transition and preserve your valuable educational content.

The following process is for Blackboard ultra course package exported from blackboard cloud

for Other blackboard version, you may try for


To attain the goal, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Set up the Conversion Tool.
  2. Convert the exported BB (Blackboard file) to Moodle.
  3. Implement the specified changes in Moodle code and the database for Moodle versions greater than 1.9.
  4. Import the converted file into Moodle version greater than 1.9.


  • download this repository Assuming that you are using linux environment.
    • Pre-requisite : python3 and pip is installed
    • Check for python version
    • >>> python3 --version
    • If python not found :
    • Install pip and setup tools
    • >>> sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
  • Now you have Python and pip and I assume that you have downloaded the conversion tool zip file. Let’s say you are under the directory /var/www/html and conversion tool is present at /var/www/html/
  • Unzip that file , the directory bbultra_2_moodle should be created.
  • Go inside that directory , location /var/www/html/bbultra_2_moodle
  • file will be there
  • Run following command 
    • >>> pip install .
  • Package has been installed, you can cross check via typing in commandline 
    • >>> bbultra2moodle
  • If bbultra2moodle is not found than please try python reteach and try after running following command 
    • >>> export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin


Converting a Single File

You just need to run this command

>>> bbultra2moodle content/ -o content/

OR — you can define input and ouput path under and run following command 

>>> python3 bbultra2moodle/ is then name of bb course zip file name . I assume that you are currently present under the directory where is present will be converted zip file that will be used to import in moodle.

Converting A folder

you can convert a completed folder which contains bb package file using following command

>>> bbultra2moodle content/bb -f

  • content/bb contains bb packages
  • this will make a folder name as bb_converted under content directory


  • for moodle 1.9+ , Update the following code

Line number 1257 File: backup/converter/moodle1/handlerlib.php

$data[‘defaultmark’] = $data[‘defaultgrade’];

 // code to add for for blackboard course

$data['generalfeedbackformat'] = '1';

$data['createdby'] = '2'; // can be change

$data['modifiedby'] = '2'; // can be change

// END
  • And run the query

 ALTER TABLE `mdl_qtype_match_subquestions` CHANGE `answertext` `answertext` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL;

— This will generate a moodle backup zip file which is Moodle 1 formt, however, good things is , Moodle all version including 4.3 supports Moodle 1 format .

Step -4

  • Import that into Moodle setup , and you are done.


  • This only supprots content migration
  • Majorly it will create resources, pages, quiz under moodle.
  • Folders under BB course, will be mapped at topic in Moodle

Github Repo

Feel free to connect for any support.

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