Big Data Reality

  • Information that can’t be processed or analyzed using traditional tools or processes.
  • Growth of Unstructured information
    • Unstructured information is growing 15x faster than structured info
  • Coming at speed of monster
    • 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone
  • CPUs power is growing
    • CPUs are growing so fast that a commodity server today is close to the power of a supercomputer 5 years ago
  • Storage costs going down
    • Storage costs on spinning disks is approaching free:
      1981: $700 / MB 2001: $0.01 / MB 1995: $10 / MB 2011: 0.002c / MB (so 2 cents per GB)

This is reality rather, data (text, audio, video, image, etc.) is growing day by day .

Then one can ask, So is it about data storage?

No , It is not about data storage, As the data is growing, we are having better information filtered from that data.

and yes we need more and accurate information, So we need much data, But problem arise when filter information from that messy data .  This is the need of today.

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