How to pass the AWS SCS-C02 Security Specialty Exam

To pass the AWS SCS-C02 Security Speciality Exam, I covered one course, AWS best practice FAQ, AWS skill builder readiness test, and security learning path which provides video guides for the best practices among different services.


This certification validates your understanding of specialized data classifications and AWS data protection mechanisms; data-encryption methods and AWS mechanisms to implement them; and secure internet protocols and AWS mechanisms to implement them.

Exam Format

Exam duration170 minutes
Exam format65 questions; either multiple-choice or multiple responses
Cost300 USD
Test in-person or onlinePearson VUE testing center or online proctored exam
  • 30 min extra if english is not your native language, To avail of this, you need to select that accommodation while booking up the exam 
  • 750/1000 is required to pass 
  • No Negative marking

Exam Guide

AWS recommendation before taking the exam

  • AWS recommends five years of IT security experience in designing and implementing security solutions and at least two years of hands-on experience in securing AWS workloads. But this is only a recommendation, not an obligation. You can still prepare for the exam.
  • You need to know AWS like a solution architect.

My Comprehensive Study Approach

My Comprehensive Study Approach to clear the AWS security specialty SCS-C02 Exam includes the following guides and documents

1- Udemy Course by Stephan Mareek

2- Revision through Jayendra Patil notes for each topic and Stephan Mareek Course slide PDF

Must cover this 

3- AWS FAQ, Best practice, Security, and Troubleshooting  for each AWS service part of the exam from the Service documentation, such as

4- Exam readiness:

5 – Security Learning Plan by AWS skill builder :

Go through

6- Best practice:*all&awsf.methodology=*all%

7- Security Incident:

8- Read more about best practice

Sample /Practice Question

9- AWS practice exam :


Personal Recommendation

  • Time is sufficient if you understand the format and know how to identify the correct answers using techniques like the elimination process and keyword recognition, which are explained in the Exam Readiness materials. I managed to complete my exam in 110 minutes and then spent an additional 50 minutes on revision.
  • The exam is comparatively simple when compared to the DevOps exam, as it is not excessively technical. Each topic, except for the policy domain, generally consists of 1-2 questions along with questions from other domains.
  • In my exam, there were 11 questions with 2 choices, 5 questions with 3 choices, and the remaining questions were single-choice questions.
  • Use the provided paper and pencil efficiently, as you might run out of space. A single sheet is given, which is particularly useful for diagramming architectural concepts.
  • If a question is taking up too much time, flag it and move on. The next question might be easier and can be covered before the end of the exam.
  • The exam demands your full concentration, so make sure to rest well and stay calm before the exam day.
  • Why not is more important than why while eliminating the options
  • You will receive the exam result via email. If you pass, you’ll receive an email from Credly regarding your new achievement on the same day or the next. AWS will provide the result in terms of total marks within 5 working days, and it will also be visible in your AWS certification portal.

The real question of the exam

please consider, these all are based on memory . 4 questions which are available on examtopics, were also in the exam.

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