AWS cheatsheet


  • An immutable environment is a type of infrastructure in which resources (that is, servers) are never modified once they have been deployed.
  • Note that VPC CIDR blocks can be changed after they are deployed, but if you allocate largely. CIDR ranges for your VPC, it will be easier to manage in the long term. SubnetCIDRs cannot be changed.
  • A subnet or set of subnets (one per Availability Zone) should be used as a barrier between the internet and your applications.
  • If you are signed in with root user credentials, you can’t switch roles. You must be signed in as an IAM user or role
  • Billing of resource: ebs, ec2 : per second round to minute | lambda: per mili second | fargate or other services: per hour , round to hour

File Storage vs Object Storage vs Block Storage

AWS Cloudformation vs OpsWorks vs Beanstalk

99% vs 99.9% vs 99.99%

Availability Dependency Model

Disaster Recovery vs High Availability

Common Source of Interruption

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